About Us

From time to time the question arises “Why should we hire you?” or “What separates you from the other DJs out there?” Experience and personality are the 2 major factors when choosing the entertainment for your event. From time to time you will receive tips through bridal magazines, internet searches and of course family and friends. There are even other entertainment companies that will bend your ear stating how great they are and how they do things.  If you find yourself listening to a story of “We do this and then play that” and “They always recommend us” etc.,  RUN! They spend too much time on “How good I am” and not enough time explaining “What I can do for you”.

Go back to the day you started the planning of your event. You probably envisioned your day and ran through the festivities in your head. I’m sure you didn’t say “I want to hire someone who wear’s a tuxedo” or “it has to be someone that has a 3 page contract”. Let’s face it, $5000 speakers, liability insurance or brand new notebook loaded with 150 thousand songs do not make us or anybody qualified to do an event. That’s where the experience and personality come in.

With today’s trend’s changing on a constant basis, being flexible and open to the ideas of our customers is a must. The one thing we will not do is come to your event with our own agenda. It’s not about us that day, it is about entertaining your guest for the allotted time we have.

With 5 DJs on staff and experience ranging from 10 to 28 years, it is safe to say we have entertained at thousands of events and are still willing to do it your way. We will help you every step of the way. We know you have attended various functions in the past and came across some things you really like and then again some things you would definitely like to do without. We can help you put things together in a way that fits your taste & style.

Some things Frank C’s Entertainment offers:

Consultation to meet and go over idea’s for your event & a final meeting 2 weeks prior for weddings

We carry Liability Insurance.

We carry backup equipment with us at every event.

We wear a Tux to all weddings unless otherwise specified.

A music library ranging from the classic’s to the latest hits from this week.

Flexible office hours and weekend appointment when available

The one thing we will admit though. All these and more to offer does not insure our performance the day of. It still falls back to experience and personality. Those are things you just can’t teach. Call us today for a demo DVD or to set up and appointment to meet and chat.


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